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O Rangrez - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)
Sony Music
O Rangrez Song Lyrics
Song Duration: 06:25
O dyer,
O dyer, in your river of colors,
I have to drown, becoming all yours..
I don't have to live belonging to someone else..

I don't want to take a single breath away from you,
pull the life from my body away..
I don't want to live belonging to someone else..

Color me in your own color..
Slowly, color me in your color..
In fragrant color, color me..
Color me, color me please...

You're the ankle-bells,
I am the foot, o beloved..
You're the peepal tree, and I am the shade,
I am happily there below you..

Your shadow waves in my eyes, [like waves of sea]
and spills, spills, spills..
rains slowly.. [she's talking of tears here]
In your own color...

Come, I'll put you in a garland [like a flower]
and wear you, O beloved..
Come to my lips, I'll sing you like a sargam
[sargam is the music of any song in terms of elements which are sung by experts.]
I'll remember you by heart, O beloved..

O beloved,
grind (and end) the twinge I feel,
get dissolved into me only, get mixed, O beloved..
Melt and get mixed,
In your own color..

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